How to Join Custom Room

Here is How to Join PUBG Mobile Custom Room Once you have Room ID and Password.

Step 1 - Click On The Home Icon.

Open PUBG Mobile Game and once you are in the game home page, you will see a tiny house icon present left hand side under the mode selection menu. Click on it. (Check image below)

Step 2 - Enter Room ID.

After clicked on home icon, something like this will appear on your screen. (Check image below)
There will be a text area on the top left corner of the screen where you will see “Enter Room ID” will be written and an Enter button will be present next to it. Simply you have to put the Room ID provided by Fixture admin.

Step 3 - Enter Room Password.

After you enter the Room ID, a pop up box will appear in which you will have to enter the unique Room Password.
Fixture admin provide you the Room Password along with room ID. So you need to remember that, without room password you will not be able to join the room. (Check image below)

Step 4 - Join the Slot Allotted by Fixture.

After entering the Room ID and Password, you entered in a Custom Room where you will allotted some slot by Fixture admin. You just need to double tap on your provided slot area to join the contest.

Important :

It is highly recommended you to join only the slot allotted to you and your team. In case you joined the wrong slot then admin might kick you out of the room and you will have to join the room again.