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What Is MyTournamentApp esports Portal?

How Do I Sign Up For This?

You can sign up by clicking on Sign Up button placed on the menu or contest’s page. Proceed by filling in your personal details, and confirming your contact details.

I Haven’t Received The Verification Email Yet, What Should I Do?

Please write a mail to support@MyTournamentApp.com to get the issue rectified.

Can I Have More Than One Account?

No,a single person cannot have more than one account. We have established strict rules to identify such accounts and such accounts will be banned permanently from the portal. We have ensured that a single person with his/her single account can play multiple games innumerable times.

I Cannot Login Into My Account, What Should I Do?

Please try resetting your password. If resetting your password not works, kindly write a mail to support@MyTournamentApp.com stating the issue you are facing.

Where Can I Reset My Password?

You can reset your password by clicking forgot password at the login window.

Email Has Been Verified but It Still Shows Unverified ?

Please write a mail to support@MyTournamentApp.com stating the specified issue you are facing.

Player Profile:

What is a player profile?

Players have all their data relating to their contests stored in player profile. Any user can search for another user’s profile by just clicking on the playerboard and searching for the player.


What Are Contest?

Contest are gaming competitions structured in variety of formats across MyTournamentApp, giving players a chance to compete with others for win the prize. We at MyTournamentApp aim to provide you the best gaming experience though our online contest. Our online contest take place time to time which can scheduled on upcoming contest tab.

How To Join Contest:

How to join ?

Once you are signed in you can start playing any contest. Go on the contest tab and click on any contest you wish to join. Once you have chosen the contest you want to join then register for that contest. Once registered you would get an email when the contest is made live.

How to play ?

Rules, Regulations and How to play are all mentioned in the contest tab. Visit the contest you want to join and register for it, once registered you will now be eligible to play in that particular contest. We send you a message and email confirming the same. Then please report online 15 mins before a contest starts, our admin will be there to assist you on any further issues.

Where Can I Find The Contest Rules?

Go to the Contest Tab > Select a Contest > Rules are available on the screen under Rules tab.

What do I get when I play a contest?

When a contest is played the player is rewarded with winning and kill prize according to their performance in the contest. Which can be transferred instantly after played match scorecard to you via Paytm, GooglePay, UPI or bank transfer.

No Show Up Of Opponent:

What Happens If My Opponent Doesn’t Show Up for A contest Match?

If that is the case then your opponent will fall under the No-Show category which leads to disqualification. As a result you will be given a win.

What Are Match Proofs?

Match proofs are evidences which are required to validate a result. They can be submitted in the form of pictures/videos.

Where Can I Submit A Match Proof?

Match Proofs are to be submitted to the admin with the match id on the respective chat portals available for each contest. Admin take all the decisions and their decision is final As it stands.


What Are PlayerBoard?

A PlayerBoard is merely a table which holds all data of the game points acquired by a player in the contest.

I Am At The Top Of My Game PlayerBoard? When Will I Get The Prize?

PlayerBoard are the standings of players game points. Once you are at the top of the PlayerBoard the prize of that particular contest would be instantly credited to your Paytm or bank account after the match. #Payments usually take 14 days to process but that is the maximum time frame.

What Are The Prizes For Winning?

Winning prize amount are previously define on contest tab when you join the contest.


What is a wallet?

Wallet is a account where your earnings from the played contests will be transferred. You can visit your wallet by simply clicking on my wallet

How Do I Withdraw My Portal Earnings?

Once logged in, click on My Wallet and choose your preferred option ( Paytm, GooglePay Upi or bank account ). Once all required details are added to the chosen option you can withdraw your earnings.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Prize Money?

Money will be transferred to wallet As soon As the contest ends.

I Have Not Received My Prize Yet? What Do I Do?

Write to us at support@MyTournamentApp.com, stating the issue you are facing.